What is the cost of planting seeds of doubt in your relationship? For many, the price is high. When the ones we love do things to violate our trust, it can create insecurities and doubt that can manifest in a variety of unexpected ways.

“For many couples, a lie detector test can help give them the answers they need so that they can finally move forward with clarity. However, a lie detector test is just one part of the puzzle. Many of my infidelity clients are in counseling and those that aren’t probably should be. Many clients are hoping that they will get the answers they need and finally feel better. However, the hurt, insecurities and emotional trauma usually extends well after the polygraph exam results are given. A lie detector test is tool that couple’s can use on their journey but it’s not a replacement for professional therapy. Use the lie detector test to get clarity on what’s going on and the seeds of doubt might stop growing. However, to truly heal you still need to deal with the root of the issue. ” – Investigator Nash

Validate, LLC works with several therapist and religious organizations with clients coming from 5 different states that are working on rebuilding trust. Know that you are not alone and while taking a polygraph exam for your relationship may seem out of the ordinary, it is an excellent tool that couples use all over the country to help them get the answers they need to move forward. However, the journey isn’t over after you receive the results. After you get the results, you will still need to deal with the core issues that got you here to begin with. If you are dealing with possible infidelity within your relationship, we strongly encourage you to seek professional counseling or therapeutic help.