Welcome to our state of the art, professional polygraph facility located at 650 Ritchie Hwy, Suite 202, Severna Park, MD.










Upon entering our newly renovated Maryland Polygraph suite, you see real cases we solved mixed with contemporary art adorning the walls.











You’ll relax in our almost spa-like waiting room complete with palm trees and nature sounds. While you are waiting you can see actual polygraph charts, read real statement analysis that have been conducted and even more solved cases throughout the room.

Our private, professional interview room is complete with luxurious leather recliners, computer with large display screen and a white board to work out the final questions that will be asked on the exam.

The EyeDetect station is complete with sound-dampening blinders and noise cancelling headphones.

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Our Maryland polygraph exam room is state of the art complete with sound-dampening on all four walls, noise cancelling machines, computerized polygraph system, professional polygraph chair and even a large screen to show the charts when needed.