A Revolutionary Tool for Couples: EyeDetect by Converus

In today’s digital age, it has become easier than ever to be deceitful and untruthful. With so many different ways to hide information and avoid detection, the truth can often feel like a distant memory. Enter EyeDetect, a revolutionary tool by Converus that utilizes cutting-edge technology to detect deception in just minutes that is offered by Validate, LLC.

How it Works

EyeDetect is an innovative lie detector that tests people based on their eye movements and other body functions. By monitoring the pupil size, eye movement speed and direction, blink rate, and other physical reactions, EyeDetect is able to detect whether or not someone is telling the truth with a high degree of accuracy. It is fast, easy to use, and completely noninvasive. Watch the videos below to see the EyeDetect in action!


Benefits for Couples

EyeDetect can be used by anyone who wants to take control of their relationship and uncover the truth about their partner’s behavior. This includes people who want to know if their partner is being honest about their whereabouts or if they are lying about something else. For example, if you suspect your partner of cheating but don’t want to confront them directly or hire a private investigator, then EyeDetect could be a great solution for you as it offers quick results without any physical contact between people involved in the test.


Quicker and Less Invasive than a Traditional Polygraph

For couples who have been struggling with trust issues in their relationship—whether due to infidelity or some other reason—EyeDetect can provide an efficient way of clearing up any doubts they may have about each other’s honesty. By administering EyeDetect tests regularly (if desired), couples can ensure that they are both being truthful with each other and that there are no hidden secrets lurking in the shadows of their relationship.



While EyeDetect may not be perfect for every situation (it should not be considered as legal proof of guilt), it does offer couples a unique way of verifying information quickly and accurately without having to resort to more extreme methods such as hiring a private investigator or using invasive questioning techniques. If you’ve been struggling with trust issues in your relationship, then consider giving EyeDetect by Converus a try – it just might help you uncover the truth! Contact Validate, LLC for your EyeDetect exam!