Lie Detector Test for Cheating Near Me?

Meet Dave & Jen! Dave was worried that his wife, Jen, was cheating on him with another man.  Jen denied cheating on her husband on multiple occasions, but Dave believed she was lying.  Dave continued to accuse Jen of cheating and Jen continued to deny the allegations. The repeated accusations were creating a very toxic cycle within their marriage that they couldn’t seem to break. Something had to give! They both needed the truth to come to light so they could break the toxic cycle and move forward.

Dave Googled something like “Lie Detector Test for Cheating near me”. After Googling “Lie Detector Test for Cheating Near Me?”, Dave checked out various polygraph examiners to see if they did infidelity polygraph testing. He eventually found Validate, LLC and asked Jen to take lie detector test. Jen agreed to take a lie detector test and have everything publicly shared (which is why we can post this on our blog!)

Upon arrival, Jen did a pre-exam interview with Investigator Nash to discuss the issue. We then went over the questions to be asked on the exam. The specific issue being tested: Since being married, have you had any type of sexual contact with anyone other than Dave?  Check the out the short video below from Jen’s actual polygraph test!

THE RESULTS: SHE PASSED!!! Jen passed her polygraph test and now they both have the truth. Now that they have the truth, the accusations will hopefully stop and they can both move forward in a healthier way!

If you’re experiencing something similar, schedule your lie detector test for cheating with Validate, LLC. Let us help you like we helped Dave & Jen!


DISCLAIMER: All of our exams are completely private and confidential unless the client authorizes us to share their information. This client authorized us to share their information. Your exam will be private and confidential.